Rav it Up!: Show Notes

Intro Young Fresh Fellows
Jane’s knitting again!


How We Use Ravelry

Patterns Database
  • Advanced Search Attributes we use
    • Knitting/ Has Photo/ Free/ Ratings/ Age or Size/ Weight/ Yardage
  • Jane starts with Yarn > Pattern Ideas > Category
Saved Searches – Casey is a genius!

    • Save it, name it, never waste time selecting attributes again;
      spyglass at far right of main toolbar accesses saved searches

Found via a Rav search…
Jane – Caroline by Hannah Ingalls
Jen – Amiga by Mags Kandis

  • Entertaining and, sometimes, even heartwarming
  • Stalking your posts’ agrees/loves
  • Ravelry on Slate.com

Outro The Dimes


3 thoughts on “Rav it Up!: Show Notes

  1. How can you be so cruel? I’ve Listened to your first two pc’s and you mention losing 60 lbs but don’t elaborate. You know dang good and well you can’t do that to others who also want to lose weight! How have you done it (and congrats!)?
    Thanks in advance. Enjoying the pc.

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