You Said I Was Your Favorite…: Show Notes

Flaming Lips Clown Barf will be Kinetic Cowl
1st April KAL magenta kneehigh

Bavarian Rockstar Socks & Jane’s sampling for House Cardi
Jen’s planning May KAL socks in Hazel Knits Piquant Lite

All-time Favorite…

Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts – Note: Jane totally admits that she didn’t know what she was talking about and Googled what an endpaper actually is
Mason-Dixon Log Cabin Blanket & Vitamin D

Things we’ve knit more than once – intentionally
Cold Mountain
Neck Warmer Hat & Felted Clogs

Veronik Avery, Steven West & Ysolda Teague
Shiri Mor, Heidi Kirrmaier & Ann Budd

Malabrigo Lace, Madeline Tosh Merino light  & Regular (Gretel Tam)
Madelinetosh Pashmina, Imperial Yarn Columbia, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted

Tools & Accessories
Lantern Moon needle case, Julip Bag, addi Click Turbo Interchangeables
Broke-ass stitch markers and weird cake box

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends
Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope
Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen – Episode 019 is an interview with Billy West of Doug & Futurama fame!

Outro Yakko’s World


Episode 5: You Said I Was Your Favorite, and I Said “Amen.”

Not exactly “Raindrops on roses” or “whiskers on kittens” kinda gals, Jane and Jen talk about their all-time favorite knitting-related things and do a little bit of time-traveling…

Episode 5: You Said I Was Your Favorite, and I Said, “Amen.”

Knit of 1,000 Corpses: Show Notes

First Graduation sock
Ocean Breezes
Spinning Flaming Lips clown barf and what Jane learned from it

Wild Berry Bavarian Rockstar Socks
Recycled Alpaca Skewed Cardigan
Socks, socks and more socks

Knit of 1000 Corpses

Knitting-related injuries  – This squeamy part ends at the 30:00 mark!
Jen almost blacked out on the bus after stabbing herself with a DPN
Jane’s red Cascade 220 gloves and LASIK surgery
Could lever knitting be the solution to Jen’s wonky pinky finger?

Horrible yarn, cursed projects, & errata-related frustration
Hideous Babydoll Top et al
Robin’s Egg Jacket
Cabled Shrug
#33 Buttoned Skirt
Note: A corrected chart was posted on 4/2/2012 that includes the fix Jen suggested – thanks, Vogue!

Knitting Techniques to Horrify
Ignoring mistakes
Tying knots
K1F&B increase can be avoided with Jane’s “Best Friend Forever” mnemonic
M1R – “I picked the Right BFF” (Pick up from Back to Front, knit into the Front
M1L – “I Left that Fucking Bitchy Bitch” (Pick up from Front to Back, knit into the Back)


Kishi Bashi – Brand-new album!

Bob’s Burgers on Fox & DVD 
Rachael Ray’s flour-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

She Don’t Use Jelly – adventures in spinning

I’ve always been fascinated by those braids of roving (top? I don’t know the difference, I’m gonna call it roving) that are dyed all crazy. To me they kind of look like a clown dropped a bunch of acid and decided it would be a good idea to go see the Flaming Lips. He couldn’t handle it, so he barfed. I’ve always wanted to see for myself what those crazy rovings would spin into. So, I decided to go for it.

I found this roving on Etsy. I’m a sucker for blue and orange and the purple was nice too, so I got it





I started by ripping it in to foot long sections, then ripping those sections in half. That way each bobbin that I spun would have the same (ish) amount of fiber and the same (ish) color distribution. Theoretically.



I started to spin. This picture is all arty and taken with the hipstematic app. I really liked what I was getting. The chunks and the variegation were quite nice.





Soon it was all spun up and ready to go. And apparently it was in space because that picture is upside down.

At this point, still in love with the results. Very excited to see what would happen…

I waited the day or two that the internet told me I needed to and I started to ply.

What did I get? A great big ole snoozefest. Colors that were once vibrant and alive became dull and muted. I was pretty disappointed. I decided to stop for a bit. Then it came to me, could I un-ply the yarn and start all over? A quick Ravelry search told me I could!


So, this is me (Jane) barefoot and in the living room trying to un-ply the yarn. What you have to do it unwind a few feet of yarn, then stick a cable needle in the bobbin to hold it in place and keep it from unwinding more. Then you have to hold your arms apart like that and pull and watch the bobbin (down by my feet) spin and spin and unwind your plying. If you pull off too much yarn, you have to stand on a footstool. You wind your singles back on to the bobbins in your hands as you go. It’s quite arduous, but only took about 2 episodes of Adventure Time (which is a cartoon I will recommend to you right now).

Again, we wait a few days to let twists settle into the new bobbins. Or because I went out of town and left them sitting by their lonesome at home.

I watched this video on Navajo Plying on you tube and felt confident enough to give it a whirl.


Two more episodes of Adventure Time later this is what I wound up with! The Navajo Plying makes it a three ply yarn, so it’s worsted-ish and I have about 112 yards.

Now! What do I make with it? Make a suggestion!

New episode by the end of the week! Stay tuned!