Knit of 1,000 Corpses: Show Notes

First Graduation sock
Ocean Breezes
Spinning Flaming Lips clown barf and what Jane learned from it

Wild Berry Bavarian Rockstar Socks
Recycled Alpaca Skewed Cardigan
Socks, socks and more socks

Knit of 1000 Corpses

Knitting-related injuries  – This squeamy part ends at the 30:00 mark!
Jen almost blacked out on the bus after stabbing herself with a DPN
Jane’s red Cascade 220 gloves and LASIK surgery
Could lever knitting be the solution to Jen’s wonky pinky finger?

Horrible yarn, cursed projects, & errata-related frustration
Hideous Babydoll Top et al
Robin’s Egg Jacket
Cabled Shrug
#33 Buttoned Skirt
Note: A corrected chart was posted on 4/2/2012 that includes the fix Jen suggested – thanks, Vogue!

Knitting Techniques to Horrify
Ignoring mistakes
Tying knots
K1F&B increase can be avoided with Jane’s “Best Friend Forever” mnemonic
M1R – “I picked the Right BFF” (Pick up from Back to Front, knit into the Front
M1L – “I Left that Fucking Bitchy Bitch” (Pick up from Front to Back, knit into the Back)


Kishi Bashi – Brand-new album!

Bob’s Burgers on Fox & DVD 
Rachael Ray’s flour-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies


2 thoughts on “Knit of 1,000 Corpses: Show Notes

  1. I’m loving your podcast but I have one teensy gripe. There’s a difference in volume between your voices and it’s driving me crazy on my volume control. Jen’s voice comes across a lot quieter so when she talks for any length of time I have to turn the volume waaaay up and then when Jane talks I have to turn it back down. If there’s any way you could work on that I would love you forever. Other than that, I’m enjoying listening in!

    • Hi Angela – it’s so good of you to let us know that this episode’s sound isn’t so awesome. We totally know. :( Our recording settings were off for this particular episode, and we figured out what was wrong and promise we’ll never do it again. Please do give our other episodes a try – they are much better! And Jen mumbles a lot no matter how right the recording settings are. We promise she’s working on that, too. ;)

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