Necking: Show Notes

Man Sock #1
Housewarming towel #1

TARDIS cardigan – Arm Saga Part 17
Charlie Brown Tee met its end
Purl Bee’s Long Striped Handwarmers


Thought-provoking Ravelry thread  I Don’t Get Shawls!

Where did all these shawls come from? How soon can they leave?

5 Basic Shawl Shapes PDF

Fun shawls for fat yarns?
Pembroke Wrap

Why Jane loves the cowl“Where have they been all my life?”

Free neck thingees Jane thinks are cool
Bigger on the Inside
Springtime Bandit
Pixie Sticks Scarf
The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
Creekbed scarf

Jane might consider buying
Color Affection
Trixie Cowl

The quest for the perfect shawl pin.

Could cowls and shawlettes be on their way out?  What’s on its way in?

World Wide Knit In Public “Day” is June 9th – 17th

Recommendations & Updates

Jane tried Bob’s Burgers, Alton’s Brown’s Asian Slaw, Rachael Ray’s Peanut Butter Cookies – Heads up!  As of 5/24/2012, website is undergoing maintenance.
Mitch Hedberg’s Strategic Grill Locations
Hyperbole and a Half – thanks, LEaD!

Thank Yous

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How much do we love our Ravelry group?  A LOT!

Outro: Archie Powell & The Exports: Metronome


Stash Dive: Show Notes

Wild Berry Bavarian Rockstar Socks
Goth Girl Kneehighs
April KAL Kneehighs

Deco Tardis Cardigan
Nerd Girl YarnsGallifrey, Blue Box Exploding & Midori Me
Jane would like to take this moment to issue the following retraction: Peter Vincent does not spend the entirety of Fright Night drunk on Mimosas. He drinks Midori. Hence, the green and black yarn. If he drank Mimosas, the yarn would be orange. Jane obviously needs drink something other than vodka and soda for once when it comes to cocktails.
Tyrian Purple Socks
Spinning Project – 10 ounces down, 22 to go
May KAL Man Socks
Housewarming towels?

Stash Dive

Thought-provoking threads on Ravelry
Flash Your Stash 2012
How do I cull my stash?!?!?

Stash defined:
Yarn not being used for a project being actively worked on + UFOs + FYUs

What creates stash?
Failure, gifts, free-shipping minimums, the “I’m not buying yarn”/”I bought yarn after all” cycle

How do we destash and/or minimize stash accumulation?  
Personal challenges, Donations, Free boxes, Selling on eBay

Is there a healthy level of stash?
“I’m OK.  You’re OK.”
If it feels good, it’s cool.  If it feels burdensome, it’s a problem.

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Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast
Game of Thrones

Outro Carolyn Mark