Episode 7: Necking

Where did all these shawls come from? And how soon can they leave?

Episode 7: Necking


2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Necking

  1. Thanks for saying what I have been secretly thinking about those big shawls – some are stylish, but most of them make the wearer look like they just stepped out of “Little House on the Prairie”. If you are looking for more ideas for Instant Gratification, take a look at http://www.knit1la.com/ . Karen designs stylish woolens in bulky yarns – I’m sure you could finish some of these in a couple of days or less.

  2. YES! (On the shoulder shawls) I really thought I was the only one who didn’t care for them. I could probably embrace knitting them, but I sure don’t won’t be putting on any babushka-wear. Even did a search for “shawl haters” group on Ravelry. (There wasn’t one, if you were wondering)

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