Necking: Show Notes

Man Sock #1
Housewarming towel #1

TARDIS cardigan – Arm Saga Part 17
Charlie Brown Tee met its end
Purl Bee’s Long Striped Handwarmers


Thought-provoking Ravelry thread  I Don’t Get Shawls!

Where did all these shawls come from? How soon can they leave?

5 Basic Shawl Shapes PDF

Fun shawls for fat yarns?
Pembroke Wrap

Why Jane loves the cowl“Where have they been all my life?”

Free neck thingees Jane thinks are cool
Bigger on the Inside
Springtime Bandit
Pixie Sticks Scarf
The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
Creekbed scarf

Jane might consider buying
Color Affection
Trixie Cowl

The quest for the perfect shawl pin.

Could cowls and shawlettes be on their way out?  What’s on its way in?

World Wide Knit In Public “Day” is June 9th – 17th

Recommendations & Updates

Jane tried Bob’s Burgers, Alton’s Brown’s Asian Slaw, Rachael Ray’s Peanut Butter Cookies – Heads up!  As of 5/24/2012, website is undergoing maintenance.
Mitch Hedberg’s Strategic Grill Locations
Hyperbole and a Half – thanks, LEaD!

Thank Yous

Carol of and all that yarn – Thanks for commenting at!

Jennifer Barrett – Thanks for your blog comment and iTunes review!

thefatsquirrel – Thanks for the iTunes review, fellow podcaster!

Kate – thanks for the email!

How much do we love our Ravelry group?  A LOT!

Outro: Archie Powell & The Exports: Metronome


6 thoughts on “Necking: Show Notes

  1. I love knitting shawls…but I wear them more as shawlettes…or kerchiefs?
    But I’m about to knit myself a shawl using Thor colorway yarn and I’m going to wear that out as a cape…it’ll be a total kickass shawl
    but I don’t see myself EVER knitting or wearing spats…unless I was blind and forced to wear them with clamdiggers.

  2. This episode is hilarious!!! Made my time seaming (which I detest) more enjoyable.
    Jen, I felt so validated when you told the tale of the Charlie Brown Tee. I recently dumped a WIP in the garbage. It felt good. Nice to know I’m not the only one who chooses to “let go” rather than try to salvage a sinking ship.

    Shawls: I have made many (mostly the small, wrap around the neck kind.) I find I don’t actually wear them. I have not mastered the art of “just” throwing it around my neck. Some folks can do that and look incredibly chic and Parisian. I just look like a dork.

  3. Okay you two. Something weird is going on. You’re affecting my life. You’re affecting how I spend my time. Whodathunkit?

    1. I was delighted to be notified of the show notes. I was giddy and saddened. I wouldn’t listen cuz I was headphones-free in the home of my impressionable nieces and nephew. I knew Jane was going to let F bombs fly … amongst others …. so I had to wait for two days until I got home.

    2. Meanwhile, I went to that stupid (mindsucking) Raverly “why shawls” thread…thanks again Jane! and spent waaaaay too much time there until I realized I’d been led there by you and that I needed to stop. I got the gist early on … but I kept reading. Ravelry is like crack (Or like I hear crack is). I was so tickled when the moderators had to step in and I learned about DBAJ.

    3. I’m now listening to The Nerdist, queuing up a bunch of stuff in Ravelry, reattempting unraveling something (it worked after I cut the other end. Duh!), checking out mentioned podcasts and reading F–k Calories.

    Oh you girls. You’re affecting my life!
    This is almost as bad as when I got sucked in to “Lost” + Jay and Jack’s podcast. That was so fun! Ah memories.

    I’m digging your podcast. A lot. Thanks.
    Note: there’s only been one referral that I didn’t like one iota … but I’ll behave and not mention it.

    I’ll be listening and reading and being led around like a little lamb … oh, yeah … and knitting.

    ~ soychai!

  4. Just heard you for the first time and loved it and I’m a picky podcast listener. There are so darn many knitting pod casts now, I’ve had to be most selective. Keep up the good work. I’ll go over to iTunes and leave 5 stars. One question, what were you talking about at the end that had to do with someone’s “to do” list? I’d like the link to the google docs.

    • Thanks for the comment and the feedback! On our Ravelry group I shared my to do list which can be seen at: . One of our listeners sent hers in for us to take a gander at. It’s not an actual google doc, Jen was just using google docs to view it. Since it’s someone’s personal to do list, I don’t want to share it without her permission.

  5. I’m making my way through all your podcasts – had to comment on this one – loved the ‘Tuppence a bag’ cowl comments, as an English chicky living in Australia I never tire of people trying (and failing) at the olde English accent. Had me laughing hard, and I needed a laugh today. Keep up the great work!!! I love listening to podcasts and you’ve got the balance exactly right. Keep them coming.

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