Episode 8: Three Bags Full

Can you draw a line through Reading Rainbow, Little House on the Prairie, Home school Moms, and Cheap Trick? Jane can!

Episode 8: Three Bags Full


3 thoughts on “Episode 8: Three Bags Full

  1. Other podcasters have asked for donations to defray the cost of posting and hosting a site. Do you need (or want) donations?

    • It’s very sweet of you to ask. Thank you so much! At least for now, our podcasting costs are minimal. We consider the time we spend planning and recording to be “fun-time” (yes – we might be weird), and our current hosting setup costs less annually than we would spend in one night of painting the town red, so we’re totally cool paying for it ourselves. As long as it’s fun for us, we want it to be free for you!

  2. The Arm Pain….Well, it took me 18 months to recover from “knitting elbow”. That included 3 weeks of PT, 4 shots, and absolutely NO knitting for months. When I was finally able to knit again, it was only for 15 minutes a day. sigh….I hope your injury isn’t as bad. Tendon strengthing exercises including weights and bouncing a ball helped alot! Wish you luck and good health speed. :)

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