Three Bags Full: Show Notes

Man Socks
The GapperSewn Bind Off is pretty awesome

Jane’s actually thinking about considering possibly making a quilt.  Or not.
French Press Felted Slippers
Two Beaches Handwarmers

Jane’s Origin Story starts with Reading Rainbow – Mistress Nora and her sheep Nancy appear at the 10:37 mark in the aforelinked video – and ends with Cheap Trick.

What’s the appeal of spinning?

If you’re not willing to throw down and buy a wheel, is drop-spindling the way to go?
Jane contends, “Not unless you have “Go, go gadget” arms!”

Things Jane Has Learned:
1) Big bobbin = big yarn. Small bobbin = small yarn
2) “Orifice” and “Orifice Hook” are funny words.  Unintentional funniness:
3) Spin Clockwise, Ply Counterclockwise – something about counterbalance
4) Wait 24 hours before plying – something about settling
5) The yarn will want to twist up on itself, but this can be worked out.
6) Tension is important.  Tension creates suck, in a good way.  DIY “Truck Nuts” will suffice if you don’t want to buy this.
7) Dog is gross.

Ravelympics are July 27th – August 12th

We Knit Funny – The Lunatic Fringe
Rules are meant to be broken…

  • Have fun!  This is supposed to be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be a drag.
  • Make something without buying anything.
  • No rewards other than the boisterous camaraderie and support of fellow Lunatics. “A job well-done is its own reward.”
  • Use official Ravelympics tags if you want your project to be eligible for a Ravelry-issued medal.
  • Tag your projects with “lunaticfringe” and share them with the Ravelry group if you want to be cheered on by your fellow Lunatics.
  • Theme song: Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane
  • Somebody better knit some spats!

Events a Lunatic might enjoy…
Frogging Trampoline (eventfrog)
Single Skein Sprint (eventoneskein)
Synchronized Stash Busting (eventstash)
WIPs Wrestling (eventwips)

Bedazzled Sunglasses
Cinefamily Pete & Pete Reunion!
Jigsaw puzzles still rock!
Anne Burrell’s Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

Thank Yous
Rebecca, Sara, Valerie, Carol, Sharon & Kelly – Thanks for commenting at!

iauthor, Carolyn, Justine, Knitterpixie, jovolsfan71, MaidenAunt2, bgcyclist & Jeni, Max & James in the UK & JuJu-Miazoe in Canada – Thanks for your reviews in iTunes!

Outro Leo J & the Melee – Carnival


One thought on “Three Bags Full: Show Notes

  1. I have carpal tunnel also and at one point I also thought I would have to stop knitting. The thing that I found helped me to be able to knit for hours at a time again was switching to bamboo needles. I had no idea how hard I had been clenching the metal needles or how heavy they are in comparison but that one thing has made a world of difference.

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