And In This Corner… Show Notes


Jane’s distraction crafts: Color Block Tank Dress & Kickball T-shirt recon – kind of a knit shirt

Jen’s 1st Two Beaches Handwarmer
June KAL Mindless Socks

Jane’s Arm Update – Hyperbole & a Half pain chart
Jen’s July KAL Sock Tease

And In This Corner…

Knitters Vs. Non-knitters
“No, I will not knit something for you.”
That woman Jane works with
Marilee’s sweater

Knitters Vs. Knitters
Granola moms
Pub nights
Lunchtime knitters
Pwwwwesssshhhhhous knitting

Knit Funny reviews the new Vogue
#01 Lace Coat
#05 Lace Poncho
#22 Cabled Cardigan

#32 Leg Warmers

Apparently, self-ruffling yarns are where it’s at

This week in Nerdist: Billy West & John Dimaggio of Futurama and Adventure Time fame! Also, John Dimaggio was on Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen
Knit Butcher Shop Meats
Bunk on IFC
Tiny Tower
No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies recipe in Baked Explorations – Warning: Hipster Alert!
On the subject of hipsters

One of Jane’s Favorite summer songs: I Have Come Out To Play by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers


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