Songs Jane Likes – Vol 1

Jen and I really like the idea of a music podcast, but don’t want to get in any kind of trouble. You know, consequences and repercussions. So, on occasion we’re going to write a blog post about some of our favorite songs and artists and include a You Tube playlist that ya’ll can listen to while reading!

Here’s the first installment: Songs Jane Likes – Vol. 1

1. R.E.M. – Electrolite
I got in to R.E.M. in 1992 at the age of 14. I really like “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” and still have my cassette copy of Document. They led me to my Best Friend from college, and inadvertently introduced me to my husband. When they broke up last year, I was shattered. Electrolite has been my favorite song of theirs for a long time, and I may have gotten them to play it for me in 2004.

2. The Young Fresh Fellows – Still There’s Hope
Or, as you may know it, the Theme from Jane and Jen Knit Funny. I first saw The Young Fresh Fellows in 1999 when they opened for R.E.M. at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Despite the fact that they are no longer young, the Fellows will rock your face off. Kurt Bloch is one of the best guitar players ever. Period.

3. The Minus 5 – You Don’t Mean It
Same lead singer as the YFF who also happened to be a touring member of R.E.M. And who is that on Bass? Peter Fucking Buck of R.E.M. (do we notice a pattern here?). I’ve seen this band a jillion times and they never fail to impress.

4. The Sgt Major III – Ice Cold Ten
Featuring Kurt Bloch and Jim Sangster of the Fellows. Their 2010 record The Idea Factory is a really good running at the gym record.

5. The Model Rockets – A Notice to Everyone
Featuring John Ramberg, also of the Minus 5. I only got to see The Model Rockets twice before they broke up, but am thankful I did. Then I got to see them reunite in the summer of 2008.

6. The Doll Test – Sing Without Sound
Essentially The Model Rockets without John Ramberg and with someone from The Riffbrokers. Excellent power pop.

7. Archie Powell & The Exports – Crazy Pills
A band that my husband put in my iPod without telling me. I think Great Ideas in Action may well be my album of the year.

8. The Tripwires – Ned Beatty’s In Love
John Ramberg (Model Rockets, Minus 5), Jim Sangster (YFF, Sgt. Major), Johnny Sangster, and Mark Pickerell (the Screaming Trees). Ramberg’s post Model Rockets band. A dance party is always guaranteed at their shows.

9. Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time
Another band my husband put in my iPod without telling me. We saw them last year and they were excellent. I described them as “The British Killers.” Catchy and sad all at the same time.

10. Fountains of Wayne – Red Dragon Tattoo
One of those bands I think I shouldn’t like but I really do and don’t care what others think. Their songs are so happy on the surface and sad underneath. So many hooks! And I really love how the lead singer looks like he’d rather be doing anything else than singing in front of people.

So that’s 10. I could go on forever! We haven’t even hit bands from Portland. Or supergroups! I love a supergroup! Or garage rock! Or mid-90s alternative rock (hello! Buffalo Tom!) I’ll have to do another list in a few weeks.


Broke Ass Knits: Show Notes

How we spent our summer vacation
Jen – Fantasizing about her Fall vacation
Jane – Visiting family, birthday, kickball – lots and lots of kickball

Sock Tease
Tiny Bags

Trixie Cowl!
August KAL Greenery Socks
Ravellenics Project – Recycled Alpaca Skewed Cardigan
Hap’i Day Headband

Broke Ass Knits

Reduce/ reuse/ recycle
UnRavelers group – thanks for the tip, Cindi!

Why Jane hates thrift store projects
Because she really wants to do this Lee Meredith project but can’t source the raw materials!

Buying online/clearance
There’s always a good reason it’s on clearance, even if you choose to ignore it (Hello, AWFUL COLORWAYS!)

Sometimes it’s just easier/cheaper to buy your materials.
Case in point: ReSew Orange Dress
Goodwill makes you buy a whole damn bag of garbage yarn to get one good skein.
Jen’s take – “really inexpensive” is bad; “less expensive” is good

Our Knit Picks love/hate relationship
Pros: great deals, nice-ish yarn, comprehensive website search tools/info, yarn “families” (Swish, Comfy, Gloss, CotLin, Brava, Shine)
Cons: lame colors, limited availability (side note: their business aliases are confusing)

1. Jane and Jen discuss music
2. Jane and Jen vs. Evil
3. Funny words (waffle, squirrel, stopcock, spatchcock, cromulent & embiggen, hoedad, spoon) and Cinnamon Dolce Lattes

General iTunes, blog, Rav group (especially for your kindness while we took a vacation), and quemment thank you!

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Good Eats Blueberry Buckle – try it with strawberries!

Outro – Jane can’t believe she forgot to mention The High Strung! Free Mp3s on their website! Especially check out #19 – The Lifestyle that Got Away and #20 – Bad With My Hands