Broke Ass Knits: Show Notes

How we spent our summer vacation
Jen – Fantasizing about her Fall vacation
Jane – Visiting family, birthday, kickball – lots and lots of kickball

Sock Tease
Tiny Bags

Trixie Cowl!
August KAL Greenery Socks
Ravellenics Project – Recycled Alpaca Skewed Cardigan
Hap’i Day Headband

Broke Ass Knits

Reduce/ reuse/ recycle
UnRavelers group – thanks for the tip, Cindi!

Why Jane hates thrift store projects
Because she really wants to do this Lee Meredith project but can’t source the raw materials!

Buying online/clearance
There’s always a good reason it’s on clearance, even if you choose to ignore it (Hello, AWFUL COLORWAYS!)

Sometimes it’s just easier/cheaper to buy your materials.
Case in point: ReSew Orange Dress
Goodwill makes you buy a whole damn bag of garbage yarn to get one good skein.
Jen’s take – “really inexpensive” is bad; “less expensive” is good

Our Knit Picks love/hate relationship
Pros: great deals, nice-ish yarn, comprehensive website search tools/info, yarn “families” (Swish, Comfy, Gloss, CotLin, Brava, Shine)
Cons: lame colors, limited availability (side note: their business aliases are confusing)

1. Jane and Jen discuss music
2. Jane and Jen vs. Evil
3. Funny words (waffle, squirrel, stopcock, spatchcock, cromulent & embiggen, hoedad, spoon) and Cinnamon Dolce Lattes

General iTunes, blog, Rav group (especially for your kindness while we took a vacation), and quemment thank you!

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Good Eats Blueberry Buckle – try it with strawberries!

Outro – Jane can’t believe she forgot to mention The High Strung! Free Mp3s on their website! Especially check out #19 – The Lifestyle that Got Away and #20 – Bad With My Hands


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