Flaming WIPs – Show Notes

Episode 13 – Flaming WIPs

Dizzy, Baltic Kerchief, CotLin Kerchief, House Slippers

Jane had a really good arm week, still working on Trixie Cowl
Jen’s working on another Vitamin D & Excess in Zauberball

Flaming WIPS

Competition for Longest WIP ever – Jane’s Fair Isle Sweater

Tardis Cardigan, Flaming Lips Kinetic Cowl, Traveling Stitch Legwarmers
The sweater formerly known as Recycled Alpaca Skewed Cardigan, Purl Bee Long Handwarmers, a Housewarming Towel, August KAL Greenery Socks

New IK – Not that bad!
Amstel Hat, Aran Sampler Cowl, Cornflower Cardigan, Petit Four Pullover, Sazerac Pullover, Sweetheart Pullover, Three’s Charm

Baking soda for cleaning pots – who knew!
Neil HalsteadPalindrome Hunches and a Free EP here
Cook live crab
Horizon Rentals

Recommend something for Jane: How do you clean a clear glass shower door?

Outro – Wittgenstein’s Arm by Neil Halstead


4 thoughts on “Flaming WIPs – Show Notes

  1. Sympathized with your Fair Isle cardigan story. I did the Philosopher’s Wool Southwest Pullover for my husband and it took almost 4 years to finish it, but I have to say I was pleased with the results. Those are truly a labor of love.

  2. Regarding cleaning a shower glass door – someone told me to try wiping the inside where there is soap scum with lemon oil; hope this works – I’ve got to try this myself!

  3. Jane, the magical shower door solution you are seeking is the humble fabric softener sheet. It might take a few of ’em the first time. Plain old fabric softener with a soft cloth works too. Ta-da!

    I <3 your podcast.

  4. Shower door – two things — CLR always works; Cheaper solution — used original blue dawn (dish soap) and vinegar. Google it. You heat up vinegar in microwave then pour in equal amount of blue dawn and stir gently. Pour into a sprayer and apply to tile/glass/etc. Leave on several hours (depending on how bad) — even overnight. Then use a scrubby sponge and it comes off really easy.

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