Newest Episode?

Hey everyone!

We’ll be putting out a new episode soon, but just not as soon as we’d hoped. We know you worry that something has gone awry when we don’t post every fortnight or so, but it just means that we’ve been busy with life and whatnot. Have faith that iTunes (or whatever fancy podcast fetcher thingee you rely on) will deliver our new episodes to you, and don’t worry about waiting up. :)

With all our yarny love, and with our solemn word to chatter at you soon,

Jane and Jen


Keep It Or Dump It – Show Notes

M’f’N Trixie Cowl!
Field Mitts (Thanks to AmyDogwalker for the quick little mitts inspiration)

Grace Lace Beret – Madelinetosh is AMAZING
Purple Mitts, Forest Road Hitchhiker, and it might be time for a warshcloth bonanza

Keep It or Dump It
Jane is being buried under a mountain of crap
In this day and age do you really have to save paper patterns?

A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs
Jane needs a house sweater but isn’t healthy enough to spin the house sweater like she originally planned.
How to put a dream on hold?

Kiwi berries
Ohio State marching band goes gamer
All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – especially the essays about cryptoscopophilia and a time when she wasn’t knitting
David Rakoff

En Garter! – Show Notes

Episode 14: En Garter!

Excessively Green
Flaming Lips Clown Barf Kinetic Cowl!

Forest Road Hitchhiker
F’n Trixie Cowl

En Garter!

The stigma of garter stitch
It’s too simple, too basic, too boring… a monkey could do it, so how could you be proud of it?  BAHHHH!  It’s the fundamental knitted fabric.
It’s what you’d teach a newbie.
It creates a perfectly-behaved fabric that doesn’t roll/curl
It tames wacko colorways
It eats up yardage so you can use up crap yarn fast
Jane wonders: why is is called garter stitch?
EZ’s Knit One Knit All – highlight: Sideways Gloves

Beyond the basics
Garter stitch socks?

Lovely patterns made mostly with garter stitch
Hitchhiker, Log Cabin Blanket, Pussy Willow, Clockwork, Trillian

Ravelry group
FLOGS (For the Love of Garter Stitch)
short row spiral
trust me (and in preparing the show notes Jane found Trust Me With A Twist which she likes even more!)

An ever so brief tour through the new Twist Collective
Jane loves Tenaya
Jen loves Ahni

Digressing Anthony Ryan’s Garter Stitch Mouse Scarf!

Healthy junk food  like Sweet Potato Fries and Kale Chips – try the salt and vinegar variety
Carolyn Mark (again) – new album and tour!
Winnie the Pooh! (Pink Elephants on Parade is from Dumbo)

Off topicthat Zooey Deschanel. thing Jane thinks is hilarious

Outro – Carolyn Mark – The Cereal is the Prize!