Harder Than It Ought To Be – Show Notes

What’s Exciting?
Jen –
– 1 felted clog
– the mitt bug has passed

Jane –
– Finished Grace Lace Beret – enough leftovers for a pair of knucks?
– Good progress on the Reasonable Boyfriend
– Thinking of Trust Me II

Harder Than It Oughta Be

  • In knitting, other crafts, work, life in general…
  • learning how to do it in the first place
  • learning how to do new aspects of the craft (lace/cables/etc)
  • When what you want to knit is more challenging than you’d thought/hoped/imagined
  • Patterns that are almost perfect, but you have to tweak them somehow to make them what you really want/ patterns that aren’t exactly what we want, so we try to modify them
  • Tools that are almost good enough, but not quite
  • FOs that didn’t turn out quite right, so we pretend that they’re fine and/or make them what we want somehow
  • The Rules to Intarsia and Fair Isle.

Jane – George Harrison – Living in the Material World
Jen- Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain
Jane and Jen – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling
Jen – Confessions of a Teen Sleuth & Heartsick – Chelsea Cain
Jane – Style & Co Jeans are made of magic
Jane – Also loves pistachios

Outro- Beulah: I Love John, She Loves Paul


One thought on “Harder Than It Ought To Be – Show Notes

  1. What a precious little snowflake of a podcast you have! I love listening to you two as I scrapbook my babies’ Birth Stories and sip my half-caff, sugar-free, soy milk, 101 degrees, pumpkin spice caramel macchiato (foam on the side). (smiley emoticon here plus some blinking hearts).

    Seriously, love your podcasts. Thanks!

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