To Victory! – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

We went to see Lady Gaga!  And yes, those are giant meat grinders in the aforelinked video.  And Jen obediently jumped when instructed, just in case you were wondering.

Jane’s House Sweater is almost done
Knucks – seriously, the perfect pattern.  And drink stirrers make great stitch holders.
Trust Me – frogged Snapdragon Tam – kinda sad about that :(
Her knitting protegee is totally brave and has progressed to lace – so proud!

Jen finished Another Oven Mitt using the Honey Cowl stitch pattern and another Excess hat.

New Year’s Resolutions

Knitting and otherwise

Jane’s cousin and her amazing goals each year made her decide to:
Make 1 thing from Pinterest per week
Be better today & make good choices, which are their own reward.  But money sure helps.
Read 40 books – 10 of which should be classics she would have read had she bothered to crack a book in college but, noooooo, she had to be all into science and stuff.
Play the Nerdist Way (again) and hope to come out victorious (and you can play along too!)

Jen’s focused on data collection in 2013.  Again, yarn knitted – she made it to 5 miles in 2012 after all!  Plus, books/pages read & 500 words written per day.

New Year’s thoughts from our Ravelry group

As always, workin’ through the stash…

Word/phrase/theme of the year

  • Do it now – knitIam
  • Focus/Fix – anitat & her husband

Projects of the year

  • Socks – knutmegknits

New Vogue

Jen has to look past all that red – after doing that, the #1 Shawl Collar Vest looks to be worth knitting, but the #6 Short Sleeve Jacket & #11 Cowl Neck Vest looked cold.  What’s with those holes?

Citron – Mostly “Meh” on the turtlenecks, but that color – yes, please!

Blue – Are the 90s back already?  Because the model and her artfully messy red hair look an awful lot like Little Earthquakes-era Tori Amos… #24 Circle Pullover – Weird but awesome!

The curly-haired man-model would have been Jen’s middle school crush.  And the #25 Men’s Reverse Fair Isle Cardigan he’s wearing is almost husband-approved.

Back-cover Classic Elite sweater is pretty neat.

Jane’s been watching Sherlock & Castle, working out to Fit Sugar TV, reading Memos From Fury and cooking up Maple Rosemary Almonds.

Jen’s been reading the Game of Thrones books & the Hunger Games, watching
House Hunters & Property Brothers/ Buying and Selling, and sprouting.

Raise the Bar by The High Strung