Episode 18: To Victory!

Hulk Smashing our way into the new year: Setting Goals, Achieving those goals, a review of the latest Vogue, and much much more!

Episode 18: To Victory!


3 thoughts on “Episode 18: To Victory!

  1. So tell me more about this 5 year journa, Janel. Also Jen, you alluded to some journal “reveal” in the recommendations (you were talking about your writing goals and something you’d share later in the podcast.) and I don’t recall you mentioning anything about journaling in that recommendations segment. No cliff hangers allowed. Waa!

    • Hey V!
      I think this is the journal Jane has – pretty neat, huh?
      And I am such a dork – I cannot for the life of me remember what my brain was planning on saying about journaling in the recommendations section. I was thinking on my feet and, apparently, fell flat on my face, because I’m totally stumped as to what I was going to say!
      I honestly didn’t mean to leave y’all with that cliffhanger, and I promise I’ll share it on another episode when I finally (hopefully!) remember what the hell I was alluding to. ;)

      • Pretty neat,indeed. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m “in”: It captured my attention immediately. Bookstore. Here I come!!!! ~ V.

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