UFO Sighting – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

Jen finally added photos to some Ravelry project pages, finished her Gray Day & Portland Penumbra cowls and is working on a Wood Punk Clockwork. She tried to make a new knitted lunch bag, but it was too ugly to continue working on.  While it’s not exactly the pattern Jane was talking about, here’s a lunch sack how-to based on a plastic grocery bag.

Jane – “Yeah, swiffer cover. Woo.”  She also made an interchangeable needle case that was a little more difficult than it needed to be, but she’s happy with the outcome. Also, it turns out, she was sorta right and sorta wrong when it comes to picking up stitches.

Finally, Jen had a Kool-Aid dye-saster that she’ll need Jane’s help to fix.  If the item ever looks not like barf, she’ll show it to you all.

UFO sighting

How to pick up where you left off, and when good note keeping isn’t enough.  Case in point: Tardis Cardigan

Did you know… you can get rid of crap you don’t want to print from an online pattern via Ctrl-A>Ctrl-C>Open a Word Doc>Ctrl-V, then click-Delete all the elements you don’t want?  Brilliant!

Use your Ravelry notebook for personal notes, or are you better off with a paper journal?

How awesome would it be to use OCR to translate a PDF of notes into editable text?

When does an ounce of prevention become a pound of paranoia?  Maybe when you have hypergraphia.

When fear gets in the way of giving it another go, maybe because your memory made things up, particularly unpleasant, about how you weren’t enjoying what you were knitting.

Jen’s picture-taking bonanza helped her realize what was still in progress, and it was pretty motivating.  Seeing so many “no photo available”s was kind of sad.

Crazy/awesome shit found on the Web
I know it’s cold and stuff, but really? A knit toilet seat cover? Many knit toilet seat covers? Is that even hygenic?  A knitted bike seat cover – now that’s awesome!

Easter Peeps are delicious. And if you can crochet, they’re functional too!

If you want to craft something to spread a little love in the world, check out the Fiber and Fabric Podcast’s Love for Alex project.

Jane’s been streaming awesome tunes from OPB Music and Seattle’s KEXP, watched Searching for Sugarman, and came up with a mean Vanilla Gorilla Shake/Smoothie.

Jen loves Bobino’s Slim Pen and their other functional tchotchkes, Ravelry’s pattern highlights and pattern viewing history functions, and Make Your Place… and other neat ‘zines from Microcosm Publishing.

Outro – Star Spangled Satellite by the Lackloves


One thought on “UFO Sighting – Show Notes

  1. Dyeing:
    1 – you need to stir carefully in the pot to make the day take evenly.
    2 – soak the yarn/fabric for several hours before dying make the day take evenly.
    3 – when you are the day has taken to the yarn/fabric leave it in the pot until ti has cooled, to keep it from felting (slow tempter changes).
    4 – if you have powder dye pre solve it, before you add it to the pot.

    Good luck

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