Score! – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

Jen’s been casting on (and actually finishing!) things like a madwoman.

Many Baby Bibs (from more scraps), Lil’s Baby Kimono (from gift/stash and finished except for the buttons) are done.

Jane actually managed to finish her Ferslugginn House Cardigan! Also, she has come to from her recent UFO abduction and is chugging away on the Tardis Cardigan again. Thinking of another Betiko, Jane purchased two skeins of Madelinetosh Worsted in a delicious color called “Tart.” All the knitting hasn’t come without a obstacle, but we’ll get to that later.

Jen’s queue has been properly organized – hywk & shop – so she can easily focus her attention, be it practical or fantastical

Main Topics

Things to say Thank You for:

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton from a listener – Jen finally made some baby bibs out of it, and it’s delightful.  Soft, easy to knit.  Still feels and looks great after a machine wash/dry (better than Manos Stria, for example).  She promises she’ll give what’s left to Jane for swatching!

Jen’s A Shawl for Knitting is in the works thanks to the Zuni Shawl RAP from thenattyknitter – Wow; so unexpected!  It’s such a fun knit so far; easy but intuitive.  Thank you so much, Natalie!

An extraordinary contest-ish thing

Send an e-mail to with the subject “Scavenger Hunt” with your answer to the question “Where are Jane and Jen knitting?” (answers need not be correct to enter) along with what pattern you’d like as your prize. Answers must be received by April 12th,  and the winners will be announced in our next episode


1. Two locations – one in SE and one in North Portland; the North Portland location boasts a bike bar!

2. One of Portland’s first Eco-Brewpubs – and it’s carbon neutral!

3. Sip on a Pig War White IPA while munching on a slice of Spicoli pizza…


  • Vide pattern booklet from ninnilina

  • 2 patterns, up to $7, to be gifted via Ravelry


Jane’s flummoxed by the Time Bandit chart?  :(

    Update: since recording Jane has found this blog, and it turns out she was right… there is some backward-ness going on. This was after Jane and Jen sat around and ripped up the chart trying to figure the whole thing out.

It's just like a puzzle, right?

It’s just like a puzzle, right?

Question: Why do designers make charts so dammned ridiculous?  Or is it just that a few of us find them ridiculous?

Recommendations from Ravlery on charting software/websites

If you’ve already got mad Excel skillz (or even just Excel skillz) here’s a font that works with Excel!

Jen generally dislikes the chart status quo.  Why?  Perhaps because she’s generally defiant of convention, or maybe she knows a better way for weirdos like her who like color rather than symbols.  Example: Sundance Makeup Bag – oh, how unclear and blurry the symbols were until she reprinted via Adobe Reader rather than the web!

Vitamin Deeelightful has been rethought with more visual instructions, as has Clockwork.

Maybe the best way to describe Jen’s weird obsession is to say that she prefers to read from right to left (as she knits), and that she’d rather see what she needs to do, rather than be told in words. It’s the things that are different that should be spelled out explicitly – whatever is the same should be boiled down to basics – and everything else that’s left should be spelled out explicitly.


Jen – Worst Cooks in America, Fast Foods Gone Global, Mockingbird Lane & Game of Thrones 2nd Season,

Jane – Welcome to Night Vale, Eddie Izzard on Netflix (Dressed to Kill is the best)


Shapeshifter by the long-gone and sadly missed Model Rockets


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