Dismantled – Show Notes

Episode 21: Dismantled


Uptop Chatter

Jane- A moment of weakness in a yarn store and Jane went home with a pattern and some yarn to make Squee! Legwarmers!


Jen: Vitamin D, Zuni Shawl; Ravelry is good for browsing!


Main Topic

And the winner is…

    Super congratulations to the winners of our Where in the World are Jane and Jen Scavanger hunt.

        Winner #1 – Sarah H – Vide eBook

        Winner #2 – Elena D – Scroll Lace Scarf

        Winner #3 – Lily – a prize to be named later

Thanks to everyone who entered. We had a blast reading all your right and wrong answers. The answer, of course, was Hopworks Urban Brewery. Incorrect answers included: the Library, the Moon, Mars, and “Russell’s Pizza in the quaint town of Willunga. In South Australia”


Subtopic: As Jen’s Stash decreases, Jane’s stash has increased.

Jane had a “come to Jesus” moment with the stash. Everything is now photographed and catalogued on Ravelry. There’s even stuff in the For Sale or Trade tab! A Reorganization of the Queue occurred as well. Four items are currently in the queue, all with Jen’s “hywk” tag!

Jen: WEBS is dangerous in April/May


Subtopic: Something discovered in the stash dive!

During the stashdive, Jane discovered she has a TON of odd balls of Dk weight. They all seem to go together pretty well and would be great to use in the Fair Isle portions of the Cornflower Cardigan. The original Fair Isle Cardigan has been frogged, and plans are underway to begin this project as soon as the Tardis Cardigan come out of the space/time loop through which it is currently traveling.



Jane – Found the best Pandora station ever, based on The Ventures, all surf rock, no talk! The Pioneer Woman’s Burger Salad

Jen – It’s Hard Not To Hate You by Valerie Frankel,


Apache by The Shadows


2 thoughts on “Dismantled – Show Notes

  1. Ladies! Love your show. It always makes me happy to see a new podcast waiting in my queue. Thanks for The Ventures recommendation. I’m working through an online school program and music is distracting but the silence is so much worse. This station is just what I needed.

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