Blanket Fort – Show Notes

Episode 22: Blanket Fort


Uptop Chatter


Jane saw Chris Hardwick, live and in (adorable) person and is SOOOO close to finishing her TARDIS cardigan.


Jen’s finished Blair & Vitamin D.  Sproutlette was edged out by the Mischa Baby Dress, which she’s knitting in Persian Rose madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  Sometime soon there’ll be a Plicate in the works.  After that, she might have to learn the Tubular Cast On to make some Endpaper Mitts.


Blanket Fort


The blanket of the moment – with which we are both a little obsessed – The Beekeeper’s Quilt


Blankets we’ve already knit: Log cabin, Envelope afghan, and a baby blanket that ultimately became Jane’s Anchower Hat and a long-lost raglan sweater


Other blankets we like to look at: Babette and the Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe


Some blankets we didn’t talk about but that are still cool: Lizard ridge, Drops 119-43 Blanket with Squares, and the Retro Throw


Judy’s Magic Cast On is an easy, no-nonsense way to cast on the hexipuffs.


ASIDE  We’re talking ‘bout tesselations…


Color Scheme Designer


But where will we get all the yarn?!?

Dye your own! – Knit Picks Bare.  Or buy the already-dyed stuff from Knit Picks or elsewhere.    Mini skeins can be found on Etsy.  The space cadet mini skein club looked especially neat.


Quilting calculator to determine how many hexipuffs to knit for a blanket of X x X dimensions


Map of the World, and, of course, a TARDIS blanket



Jane’s aches and pains are being tamed by Zheng Gu Shui – or “grandpa juice”, Jackie’s Java is some seriously good silly coffee, and Tullycraft is for your ears (and your heart!).

Jen is all David Sedaris, all the time… an older talk about being an American in Paris and Tokyo on Rick Steve’s podcast, and newer talk about Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, etc. on Fresh Air, Ramblings with Clare Balding


Outro  Lost In Light Rotation by TullyCraft


6 thoughts on “Blanket Fort – Show Notes

  1. Hi guys, was listening to you talking about the hexi puff quilt. I made a smaller cushion version for my rocking chair but the little blighers won’t stay sewn together. I tried the way it showed in the pattern by ditching the corners but it just keeps coming undone. I don’t know anyone else that’s made it or if its a common problem. Jet me know if you come up with a better way of fastening them cause its really frustrating after all that work. Thanks anne (from York, UK)

    • Hi Anne! How disappointing that you spent all that time, and it didn’t turn out well. :(
      I’m pretty positive that I won’t be sewing mine together the way it’s laid out in the pattern. The idea of just fastening the corners seems weird and unstable. I haven’t decided what I’ll do instead, but I’m thinking about a mattress stitch-esque strategy where I sew them together one row at a time, then weave in the ends and start on the next row with a new length of yarn.
      I’ll keep you posted!

  2. I just found you guys! You are my new favoritest podcast – knitting or otherwise. I was up til 3 am listening to you, occasionally waking up Studmuffin by guffawing out loud….the dancing hippies? I nearly had an urinary accident…… You guys make want to start podcasting again if only to inhabit the same knit-pod-o’sphere as you. :o)
    Sending you much love from A-ba-lama-ding-dong (Alabama).

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