Mojo Go Go – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter:

Jen is just back from her Summer Vacation. Jane is gearing up for her trip to Austin!


Jen is working up a storm! But Jane can’t seem to find her Mojo anywhere.And, while we’re at it: go look at Jen’s Honeycomb Quilt. Do it. Go look at it right now.



I got my Mojo Working (and I thought you’d like to know) by the Young Fresh Fellows


4 thoughts on “Mojo Go Go – Show Notes

  1. Had a chance to listen to your latest episode the other night at work – thanks for the entertainment! Just wanted to mention that should you ever be in need of a back scratcher again, Pier 1 sells them – they are made of bamboo and cost $1 each. I bought several so I could have them handy, and ended up cannabalizing one of them to splint a broken “bone” in my yarn swift. Glued it on with wood glue, clamped it with binder clips until it dried, and now it is good as new.

    Sorry to hear you are signing off, and right after I have discovered podcastdom. Knit on, my friends!

  2. I am deeply offended by your cursing, especially when you take the Lord’s name in vain. I do not understand why anyone would consider it worthy of conversation.

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