Mojo Go Go – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter:

Jen is just back from her Summer Vacation. Jane is gearing up for her trip to Austin!


Jen is working up a storm! But Jane can’t seem to find her Mojo anywhere.And, while we’re at it: go look at Jen’s Honeycomb Quilt. Do it. Go look at it right now.



I got my Mojo Working (and I thought you’d like to know) by the Young Fresh Fellows


Blanket Fort – Show Notes

Episode 22: Blanket Fort


Uptop Chatter


Jane saw Chris Hardwick, live and in (adorable) person and is SOOOO close to finishing her TARDIS cardigan.


Jen’s finished Blair & Vitamin D.  Sproutlette was edged out by the Mischa Baby Dress, which she’s knitting in Persian Rose madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  Sometime soon there’ll be a Plicate in the works.  After that, she might have to learn the Tubular Cast On to make some Endpaper Mitts.


Blanket Fort


The blanket of the moment – with which we are both a little obsessed – The Beekeeper’s Quilt


Blankets we’ve already knit: Log cabin, Envelope afghan, and a baby blanket that ultimately became Jane’s Anchower Hat and a long-lost raglan sweater


Other blankets we like to look at: Babette and the Sock Yarn Patchwork Recipe


Some blankets we didn’t talk about but that are still cool: Lizard ridge, Drops 119-43 Blanket with Squares, and the Retro Throw


Judy’s Magic Cast On is an easy, no-nonsense way to cast on the hexipuffs.


ASIDE  We’re talking ‘bout tesselations…


Color Scheme Designer


But where will we get all the yarn?!?

Dye your own! – Knit Picks Bare.  Or buy the already-dyed stuff from Knit Picks or elsewhere.    Mini skeins can be found on Etsy.  The space cadet mini skein club looked especially neat.


Quilting calculator to determine how many hexipuffs to knit for a blanket of X x X dimensions


Map of the World, and, of course, a TARDIS blanket



Jane’s aches and pains are being tamed by Zheng Gu Shui – or “grandpa juice”, Jackie’s Java is some seriously good silly coffee, and Tullycraft is for your ears (and your heart!).

Jen is all David Sedaris, all the time… an older talk about being an American in Paris and Tokyo on Rick Steve’s podcast, and newer talk about Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, etc. on Fresh Air, Ramblings with Clare Balding


Outro  Lost In Light Rotation by TullyCraft

Dismantled – Show Notes

Episode 21: Dismantled


Uptop Chatter

Jane- A moment of weakness in a yarn store and Jane went home with a pattern and some yarn to make Squee! Legwarmers!


Jen: Vitamin D, Zuni Shawl; Ravelry is good for browsing!


Main Topic

And the winner is…

    Super congratulations to the winners of our Where in the World are Jane and Jen Scavanger hunt.

        Winner #1 – Sarah H – Vide eBook

        Winner #2 – Elena D – Scroll Lace Scarf

        Winner #3 – Lily – a prize to be named later

Thanks to everyone who entered. We had a blast reading all your right and wrong answers. The answer, of course, was Hopworks Urban Brewery. Incorrect answers included: the Library, the Moon, Mars, and “Russell’s Pizza in the quaint town of Willunga. In South Australia”


Subtopic: As Jen’s Stash decreases, Jane’s stash has increased.

Jane had a “come to Jesus” moment with the stash. Everything is now photographed and catalogued on Ravelry. There’s even stuff in the For Sale or Trade tab! A Reorganization of the Queue occurred as well. Four items are currently in the queue, all with Jen’s “hywk” tag!

Jen: WEBS is dangerous in April/May


Subtopic: Something discovered in the stash dive!

During the stashdive, Jane discovered she has a TON of odd balls of Dk weight. They all seem to go together pretty well and would be great to use in the Fair Isle portions of the Cornflower Cardigan. The original Fair Isle Cardigan has been frogged, and plans are underway to begin this project as soon as the Tardis Cardigan come out of the space/time loop through which it is currently traveling.



Jane – Found the best Pandora station ever, based on The Ventures, all surf rock, no talk! The Pioneer Woman’s Burger Salad

Jen – It’s Hard Not To Hate You by Valerie Frankel,


Apache by The Shadows

Score! – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

Jen’s been casting on (and actually finishing!) things like a madwoman.

Many Baby Bibs (from more scraps), Lil’s Baby Kimono (from gift/stash and finished except for the buttons) are done.

Jane actually managed to finish her Ferslugginn House Cardigan! Also, she has come to from her recent UFO abduction and is chugging away on the Tardis Cardigan again. Thinking of another Betiko, Jane purchased two skeins of Madelinetosh Worsted in a delicious color called “Tart.” All the knitting hasn’t come without a obstacle, but we’ll get to that later.

Jen’s queue has been properly organized – hywk & shop – so she can easily focus her attention, be it practical or fantastical

Main Topics

Things to say Thank You for:

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton from a listener – Jen finally made some baby bibs out of it, and it’s delightful.  Soft, easy to knit.  Still feels and looks great after a machine wash/dry (better than Manos Stria, for example).  She promises she’ll give what’s left to Jane for swatching!

Jen’s A Shawl for Knitting is in the works thanks to the Zuni Shawl RAP from thenattyknitter – Wow; so unexpected!  It’s such a fun knit so far; easy but intuitive.  Thank you so much, Natalie!

An extraordinary contest-ish thing

Send an e-mail to with the subject “Scavenger Hunt” with your answer to the question “Where are Jane and Jen knitting?” (answers need not be correct to enter) along with what pattern you’d like as your prize. Answers must be received by April 12th,  and the winners will be announced in our next episode


1. Two locations – one in SE and one in North Portland; the North Portland location boasts a bike bar!

2. One of Portland’s first Eco-Brewpubs – and it’s carbon neutral!

3. Sip on a Pig War White IPA while munching on a slice of Spicoli pizza…


  • Vide pattern booklet from ninnilina

  • 2 patterns, up to $7, to be gifted via Ravelry


Jane’s flummoxed by the Time Bandit chart?  :(

    Update: since recording Jane has found this blog, and it turns out she was right… there is some backward-ness going on. This was after Jane and Jen sat around and ripped up the chart trying to figure the whole thing out.

It's just like a puzzle, right?

It’s just like a puzzle, right?

Question: Why do designers make charts so dammned ridiculous?  Or is it just that a few of us find them ridiculous?

Recommendations from Ravlery on charting software/websites

If you’ve already got mad Excel skillz (or even just Excel skillz) here’s a font that works with Excel!

Jen generally dislikes the chart status quo.  Why?  Perhaps because she’s generally defiant of convention, or maybe she knows a better way for weirdos like her who like color rather than symbols.  Example: Sundance Makeup Bag – oh, how unclear and blurry the symbols were until she reprinted via Adobe Reader rather than the web!

Vitamin Deeelightful has been rethought with more visual instructions, as has Clockwork.

Maybe the best way to describe Jen’s weird obsession is to say that she prefers to read from right to left (as she knits), and that she’d rather see what she needs to do, rather than be told in words. It’s the things that are different that should be spelled out explicitly – whatever is the same should be boiled down to basics – and everything else that’s left should be spelled out explicitly.


Jen – Worst Cooks in America, Fast Foods Gone Global, Mockingbird Lane & Game of Thrones 2nd Season,

Jane – Welcome to Night Vale, Eddie Izzard on Netflix (Dressed to Kill is the best)


Shapeshifter by the long-gone and sadly missed Model Rockets

UFO Sighting – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

Jen finally added photos to some Ravelry project pages, finished her Gray Day & Portland Penumbra cowls and is working on a Wood Punk Clockwork. She tried to make a new knitted lunch bag, but it was too ugly to continue working on.  While it’s not exactly the pattern Jane was talking about, here’s a lunch sack how-to based on a plastic grocery bag.

Jane – “Yeah, swiffer cover. Woo.”  She also made an interchangeable needle case that was a little more difficult than it needed to be, but she’s happy with the outcome. Also, it turns out, she was sorta right and sorta wrong when it comes to picking up stitches.

Finally, Jen had a Kool-Aid dye-saster that she’ll need Jane’s help to fix.  If the item ever looks not like barf, she’ll show it to you all.

UFO sighting

How to pick up where you left off, and when good note keeping isn’t enough.  Case in point: Tardis Cardigan

Did you know… you can get rid of crap you don’t want to print from an online pattern via Ctrl-A>Ctrl-C>Open a Word Doc>Ctrl-V, then click-Delete all the elements you don’t want?  Brilliant!

Use your Ravelry notebook for personal notes, or are you better off with a paper journal?

How awesome would it be to use OCR to translate a PDF of notes into editable text?

When does an ounce of prevention become a pound of paranoia?  Maybe when you have hypergraphia.

When fear gets in the way of giving it another go, maybe because your memory made things up, particularly unpleasant, about how you weren’t enjoying what you were knitting.

Jen’s picture-taking bonanza helped her realize what was still in progress, and it was pretty motivating.  Seeing so many “no photo available”s was kind of sad.

Crazy/awesome shit found on the Web
I know it’s cold and stuff, but really? A knit toilet seat cover? Many knit toilet seat covers? Is that even hygenic?  A knitted bike seat cover – now that’s awesome!

Easter Peeps are delicious. And if you can crochet, they’re functional too!

If you want to craft something to spread a little love in the world, check out the Fiber and Fabric Podcast’s Love for Alex project.

Jane’s been streaming awesome tunes from OPB Music and Seattle’s KEXP, watched Searching for Sugarman, and came up with a mean Vanilla Gorilla Shake/Smoothie.

Jen loves Bobino’s Slim Pen and their other functional tchotchkes, Ravelry’s pattern highlights and pattern viewing history functions, and Make Your Place… and other neat ‘zines from Microcosm Publishing.

Outro – Star Spangled Satellite by the Lackloves

To Victory! – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter

We went to see Lady Gaga!  And yes, those are giant meat grinders in the aforelinked video.  And Jen obediently jumped when instructed, just in case you were wondering.

Jane’s House Sweater is almost done
Knucks – seriously, the perfect pattern.  And drink stirrers make great stitch holders.
Trust Me – frogged Snapdragon Tam – kinda sad about that :(
Her knitting protegee is totally brave and has progressed to lace – so proud!

Jen finished Another Oven Mitt using the Honey Cowl stitch pattern and another Excess hat.

New Year’s Resolutions

Knitting and otherwise

Jane’s cousin and her amazing goals each year made her decide to:
Make 1 thing from Pinterest per week
Be better today & make good choices, which are their own reward.  But money sure helps.
Read 40 books – 10 of which should be classics she would have read had she bothered to crack a book in college but, noooooo, she had to be all into science and stuff.
Play the Nerdist Way (again) and hope to come out victorious (and you can play along too!)

Jen’s focused on data collection in 2013.  Again, yarn knitted – she made it to 5 miles in 2012 after all!  Plus, books/pages read & 500 words written per day.

New Year’s thoughts from our Ravelry group

As always, workin’ through the stash…

Word/phrase/theme of the year

  • Do it now – knitIam
  • Focus/Fix – anitat & her husband

Projects of the year

  • Socks – knutmegknits

New Vogue

Jen has to look past all that red – after doing that, the #1 Shawl Collar Vest looks to be worth knitting, but the #6 Short Sleeve Jacket & #11 Cowl Neck Vest looked cold.  What’s with those holes?

Citron – Mostly “Meh” on the turtlenecks, but that color – yes, please!

Blue – Are the 90s back already?  Because the model and her artfully messy red hair look an awful lot like Little Earthquakes-era Tori Amos… #24 Circle Pullover – Weird but awesome!

The curly-haired man-model would have been Jen’s middle school crush.  And the #25 Men’s Reverse Fair Isle Cardigan he’s wearing is almost husband-approved.

Back-cover Classic Elite sweater is pretty neat.

Jane’s been watching Sherlock & Castle, working out to Fit Sugar TV, reading Memos From Fury and cooking up Maple Rosemary Almonds.

Jen’s been reading the Game of Thrones books & the Hunger Games, watching
House Hunters & Property Brothers/ Buying and Selling, and sprouting.

Raise the Bar by The High Strung

Holiday Extravaganza – Show Notes

Uptop Chatter
Jane’s Reasonable Boyfriend going Reasonably Well and she sired a new knitter!
Jen knitted 4 miles in 2012! told her so.  Also, she finished a pretty yellow hat.

A Heartwarming Holiday Tale
Jane, Jen, and 1,000 Drunken Santas

Questions from the Rav Group … thank you all for such fun questions!
bijouxmaster asked: Your favorite holiday tradition. Not at all knitting related. :D

blisskat asked: Do you two have stories about good gift-giving or gift-giving gone awry especially with handmade goods to peripheral people in your lives?
KarenE1969 asked: How about best and worst responses EVER from handknit gift recipients…
And Frenny asked: What was the most gratefully and the most reluctantly received gifts that you made?
Jane totally got gooned in a secret santa swap. Some people just can’t wear a beret.
Jen loved making and giving all those neckwarmers!

Spiritsmith asked about the best present we ever received as a kid or an adult – knitted or otherwise.  (And asked about our favorite holiday foods, which we answer later in the show)
Jane: My mom gave me a tool box I use to this day, even though half the tools are now missing.
Jen: The Butterbear That Never Was

Mungus asked: If you had to name a hurricane, what name would you choose?
Jane’s answer:
Jen: Jem, because “she’s totally outrageous!”

Frenny asked: What was the best/worst knitting related pressie gifted to you?
Jane: Best knit present ever? My Pogona shawl that Jen made me.
Jen: The Christmas stocking my Gramma knitted when I was a kid, and the Damson Jane knitted for me.

Fun Holiday Knits
TARDIS Christmas Tree Ornament, Weeping Angel (make it bigger, make it a tree topper!), Christmas Lights, This makes Jane Giggle, Christmas Thief

Holiday Recommendations (aka Jane and Jen play Broke-Ass Oprah)

Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes
Jane’s Mom’s Sister’s High School Boyfriend’s Mother’s Cookie Recipe (aka, Rose Martin Cookies)
Jen’s Gramma’s Carmelitas, and her other Gramma’s Cathedral Cookies

Favorite Holiday TV Specials
Jane – Olive, The Other Reindeer (c’mon Michael Stipe as a Reindeer!) and Twas The Fight Before Christmas
Jen – A Claymation Christmas, How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Favorite Holiday Movies
Jen – Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas & Miracle on 34th Street (colorized, please!)
Jane – Die Hard

Favorite Holiday Songs
Jen: The Andrews Sisters’ Christmas Island, Peter, Paul & Mary singing “A-Soalin’” & “Marvelous Toy”
Jane: Christmas Griping and Oh Little Town Of Bethelem, Christmas is Holy by the Late, Great Jimmy Silva Jesus Christ by Big Star or the R.E.M.-ified Big Star

Favorite Holiday Books
Jen – The Velveteen Rabbit, Mr. Willoughby’s Christmas Tree & The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris – Jen highly recommends listening to the fuller version on This American Life

Other Holiday Foods We Can’t Live Without
Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas – especially Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Candy Cane Lane
Jen’s Aunt Kris’ clam dip & Grampa’s peanut butter bonbons

R.E.M. – Christmas Griping from the 1991 Holiday Fan Club Package

Harder Than It Ought To Be – Show Notes

What’s Exciting?
Jen –
– 1 felted clog
– the mitt bug has passed

Jane –
– Finished Grace Lace Beret – enough leftovers for a pair of knucks?
– Good progress on the Reasonable Boyfriend
– Thinking of Trust Me II

Harder Than It Oughta Be

  • In knitting, other crafts, work, life in general…
  • learning how to do it in the first place
  • learning how to do new aspects of the craft (lace/cables/etc)
  • When what you want to knit is more challenging than you’d thought/hoped/imagined
  • Patterns that are almost perfect, but you have to tweak them somehow to make them what you really want/ patterns that aren’t exactly what we want, so we try to modify them
  • Tools that are almost good enough, but not quite
  • FOs that didn’t turn out quite right, so we pretend that they’re fine and/or make them what we want somehow
  • The Rules to Intarsia and Fair Isle.

Jane – George Harrison – Living in the Material World
Jen- Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain
Jane and Jen – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling
Jen – Confessions of a Teen Sleuth & Heartsick – Chelsea Cain
Jane – Style & Co Jeans are made of magic
Jane – Also loves pistachios

Outro- Beulah: I Love John, She Loves Paul

Keep It Or Dump It – Show Notes

M’f’N Trixie Cowl!
Field Mitts (Thanks to AmyDogwalker for the quick little mitts inspiration)

Grace Lace Beret – Madelinetosh is AMAZING
Purple Mitts, Forest Road Hitchhiker, and it might be time for a warshcloth bonanza

Keep It or Dump It
Jane is being buried under a mountain of crap
In this day and age do you really have to save paper patterns?

A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs
Jane needs a house sweater but isn’t healthy enough to spin the house sweater like she originally planned.
How to put a dream on hold?

Kiwi berries
Ohio State marching band goes gamer
All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – especially the essays about cryptoscopophilia and a time when she wasn’t knitting
David Rakoff

En Garter! – Show Notes

Episode 14: En Garter!

Excessively Green
Flaming Lips Clown Barf Kinetic Cowl!

Forest Road Hitchhiker
F’n Trixie Cowl

En Garter!

The stigma of garter stitch
It’s too simple, too basic, too boring… a monkey could do it, so how could you be proud of it?  BAHHHH!  It’s the fundamental knitted fabric.
It’s what you’d teach a newbie.
It creates a perfectly-behaved fabric that doesn’t roll/curl
It tames wacko colorways
It eats up yardage so you can use up crap yarn fast
Jane wonders: why is is called garter stitch?
EZ’s Knit One Knit All – highlight: Sideways Gloves

Beyond the basics
Garter stitch socks?

Lovely patterns made mostly with garter stitch
Hitchhiker, Log Cabin Blanket, Pussy Willow, Clockwork, Trillian

Ravelry group
FLOGS (For the Love of Garter Stitch)
short row spiral
trust me (and in preparing the show notes Jane found Trust Me With A Twist which she likes even more!)

An ever so brief tour through the new Twist Collective
Jane loves Tenaya
Jen loves Ahni

Digressing Anthony Ryan’s Garter Stitch Mouse Scarf!

Healthy junk food  like Sweet Potato Fries and Kale Chips – try the salt and vinegar variety
Carolyn Mark (again) – new album and tour!
Winnie the Pooh! (Pink Elephants on Parade is from Dumbo)

Off topicthat Zooey Deschanel. thing Jane thinks is hilarious

Outro – Carolyn Mark – The Cereal is the Prize!