Three Bags Full: Show Notes

Man Socks
The GapperSewn Bind Off is pretty awesome

Jane’s actually thinking about considering possibly making a quilt.  Or not.
French Press Felted Slippers
Two Beaches Handwarmers

Jane’s Origin Story starts with Reading Rainbow – Mistress Nora and her sheep Nancy appear at the 10:37 mark in the aforelinked video – and ends with Cheap Trick.

What’s the appeal of spinning?

If you’re not willing to throw down and buy a wheel, is drop-spindling the way to go?
Jane contends, “Not unless you have “Go, go gadget” arms!”

Things Jane Has Learned:
1) Big bobbin = big yarn. Small bobbin = small yarn
2) “Orifice” and “Orifice Hook” are funny words.  Unintentional funniness:
3) Spin Clockwise, Ply Counterclockwise – something about counterbalance
4) Wait 24 hours before plying – something about settling
5) The yarn will want to twist up on itself, but this can be worked out.
6) Tension is important.  Tension creates suck, in a good way.  DIY “Truck Nuts” will suffice if you don’t want to buy this.
7) Dog is gross.

Ravelympics are July 27th – August 12th

We Knit Funny – The Lunatic Fringe
Rules are meant to be broken…

  • Have fun!  This is supposed to be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be a drag.
  • Make something without buying anything.
  • No rewards other than the boisterous camaraderie and support of fellow Lunatics. “A job well-done is its own reward.”
  • Use official Ravelympics tags if you want your project to be eligible for a Ravelry-issued medal.
  • Tag your projects with “lunaticfringe” and share them with the Ravelry group if you want to be cheered on by your fellow Lunatics.
  • Theme song: Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane
  • Somebody better knit some spats!

Events a Lunatic might enjoy…
Frogging Trampoline (eventfrog)
Single Skein Sprint (eventoneskein)
Synchronized Stash Busting (eventstash)
WIPs Wrestling (eventwips)

Bedazzled Sunglasses
Cinefamily Pete & Pete Reunion!
Jigsaw puzzles still rock!
Anne Burrell’s Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

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Outro Leo J & the Melee – Carnival


She Don’t Use Jelly – adventures in spinning

I’ve always been fascinated by those braids of roving (top? I don’t know the difference, I’m gonna call it roving) that are dyed all crazy. To me they kind of look like a clown dropped a bunch of acid and decided it would be a good idea to go see the Flaming Lips. He couldn’t handle it, so he barfed. I’ve always wanted to see for myself what those crazy rovings would spin into. So, I decided to go for it.

I found this roving on Etsy. I’m a sucker for blue and orange and the purple was nice too, so I got it





I started by ripping it in to foot long sections, then ripping those sections in half. That way each bobbin that I spun would have the same (ish) amount of fiber and the same (ish) color distribution. Theoretically.



I started to spin. This picture is all arty and taken with the hipstematic app. I really liked what I was getting. The chunks and the variegation were quite nice.





Soon it was all spun up and ready to go. And apparently it was in space because that picture is upside down.

At this point, still in love with the results. Very excited to see what would happen…

I waited the day or two that the internet told me I needed to and I started to ply.

What did I get? A great big ole snoozefest. Colors that were once vibrant and alive became dull and muted. I was pretty disappointed. I decided to stop for a bit. Then it came to me, could I un-ply the yarn and start all over? A quick Ravelry search told me I could!


So, this is me (Jane) barefoot and in the living room trying to un-ply the yarn. What you have to do it unwind a few feet of yarn, then stick a cable needle in the bobbin to hold it in place and keep it from unwinding more. Then you have to hold your arms apart like that and pull and watch the bobbin (down by my feet) spin and spin and unwind your plying. If you pull off too much yarn, you have to stand on a footstool. You wind your singles back on to the bobbins in your hands as you go. It’s quite arduous, but only took about 2 episodes of Adventure Time (which is a cartoon I will recommend to you right now).

Again, we wait a few days to let twists settle into the new bobbins. Or because I went out of town and left them sitting by their lonesome at home.

I watched this video on Navajo Plying on you tube and felt confident enough to give it a whirl.


Two more episodes of Adventure Time later this is what I wound up with! The Navajo Plying makes it a three ply yarn, so it’s worsted-ish and I have about 112 yards.

Now! What do I make with it? Make a suggestion!

New episode by the end of the week! Stay tuned!