Episode 21: Dismantled

Contest-y Thing winners. Stash Confessions. And 10 years goes up in the blink of an eye.

Episode 21: Dismantled


Where are Jane and Jen knitting?

You heard about it in the episode, now’s your chance to win some awesome prizes with our Where in the World are Jane and Jen scavenger hunt!

The Rules!
Send an e-mail to knitfunny@gmail.com with the subject “Scavenger Hunt” with your answer to the question “Where are Jane and Jen knitting?” (answers need not be correct to enter) along with what pattern you’d like as your prize. Answers must be received by April 12th, and the winners will be announced in our next episode


  1. Two locations – one in SE and one in North Portland; the North Portland location boasts a bike bar!
  2. One of Portland’s first Eco-Brewpubs – and it’s carbon neutral!
  3. Sip on a Pig War White IPA while munching on a slice of Spicoli pizza…


Vide pattern booklet from ninnilina
2 people will win one pattern of their choice, up to $7, to be gifted via Ravelry

Can’t wait to get started? Here’s a clue!