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We are no longer creating new episodes, but you can stream all of our back episodes by right-clicking the linked episode files on this page.

Some of our most recent episodes are still available on iTunes.  If you prefer to use another podcatcher, here’s a link to our RSS feed…

If you have trouble and can’t get it to work, please don’t stress about it.  It’s really not a big deal.  Maybe ask your kid or a tech-savvy friend to help you figure it out.  Or why not try a different podcast?  Check out our sidebar for some suggestions…


3 thoughts on “Subscribe To Our Podcast

  1. OK – no more Jane and Jen Knit Funny at work. I can sit and giggle to myself and people are mildly amused; but when you make me snort out loud and they learn it was over a KNITTING podcast (of all things!) then it must stop. I must protect my Margaret Thatcher persona and you guys are not helping :0). But in my car it is another matter because then I am perceived as just another crazy driver. So glad episode 9 is here – I almost couldn’t wait another moment! Thanks so much for an hour of civility.

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